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NEW CLIENT Consultation

Designed to answer all your questions, ensure you are a good candidate, and explore the right look for you. Can be in person or over the phone.

Permanent Makeup (schedule only after consultation)

A natural eyebrow with the color and shape designed specifically for you.
A medium thickness Eyeliner or Lash enhancement (placed closer to lashes)
Thicker eyeliner will require additional charge
Lip Color
Full lip to restore natural color
Sometimes lips require a 3rd session
Areola Repigmentation
Restore the color to the areola after reconstruction surgery. This booking allows time for one areola.
Scar Camouflage
Scar camouflage for surgery scars, scars left from hair transplants or other scars.
10 min Checkin
Checkin for final pictures

Specialty Services for Existing Clients

60 min Specialty
30 min Specialty
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